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Searching for wellness care? The majority of individuals have been convinced that being sick is simply the result of having symptoms. However, it is possible to be sick without the presence of symptoms. More and more people every day seek healthcare even when they feel they are in full health. This type of proactive care is wise in order to ensure longevity and vitality. Our chiropractic clinic in Happy Valley is experienced in providing superior wellness care.

What is Wellness?

Wellness includes anything and everything that helps you achieve optimum physical, mental and emotional health. At ALIGN, we offer various supplements, herbal formulas, pillows, foam rollers, suggestions and products to help you achieve wellness.

How Do I Know Which Supplements To Take?

Many of us already know we don't consume enough of the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from our food. But, with new information that seems to hype the latest and greatest supplements or superfoods, how can we make the best decisions without taking handfuls of pills every day?
While your chiropractor or primary care physician should be consulted about the best supplement choices for your individual needs, the basic supplements everyone should consider adding to their diet include a multivitamin and omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil and flaxseed meal are the most common of these).
In addition, as we age we need greater amounts of Calcium and are typically deficient in our diets; Vitamin D is also needed to help absorb Calcium. Did you know that cow's milk is actually a very poor source of Calcium and can leech this vital mineral from bones?

Wellness Care in Happy Valley

If you have ever had to miss a day at your job or pick up your children from the nurse’s office, you are familiar with symptoms accompanying sickness. There are studies, on the other hand, that shows a substantial amount of the ailments we deal with now are the cause of our daily habits. While these habits can snowball into deadly diseases over time, they can often go undetected before a big flare-up without any sign of symptoms.

Your Body’s Reaction

The human body does not solely feel the effects of unhealthy habits, it also feels the effects of healthy habits. It is common knowledge that if someone eats a poorly cooked meal they face a likelihood of feeling sick. As such, most people generally do a good job of ensuring food is cooked properly and rejecting food that isn’t. By the same token, your body benefits from eating healthily regularly. Feeling continuously in great health is not just a side-effect of good nutrition and habits, it’s the cause.

The Control Panel

Your body depends heavily on a fully functioning nervous system. Our chiropractic team is trained in helping protect this nervous system to ensure your body can function at its peak. When your nervous system is working at full capacity, so if your immune system and body’s natural healing properties.

Align Acupuncture & Chiropractic in Happy Valley can help you find and treat any issues your body is dealing with to ensure you achieve wellness. Contact us if you have any questions or want to take advantage of our free consultation.

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