What Patients Say


When I first walked in the door at Align I could barely walk. I unfortunately like most sit all day at a computer for work and don't exercise as much due to the stress and many hours of overtime. My back finally said enough and shifted out of place- the wonderful people at Align took their time with me and really listened to me- I am not by any means perfect but I am able to walk without pain now- and can enjoy life again.

-Angelina M

From the moment I walked in I was completey blown away by the proffesionalism, kindness and knowledge of the staff. Because I work in the medical field, I am extra critical and aware of what to expect and I give Align 5 stars! I am excited and for the first time hopeful for my next appointment! I truly believe they will help get rid of my headaches!

-Jonna B

While I was living in Beaverton I visited Align Wellness Center for a number of visits which I found very beneficial. The staff were always polite and ensured my well being during my visit. I would thoroughly recommend them as a solution to chiropractic health solutions.

-Benjamin A

I am so grateful I found Align ! I have never felt better. I was looking for a more gentle Chiropractic method and Dr. May's has this Great tool to do my alignment.

Michelle the message therapist give the best deep tissue message I have ever had.

Everyone at Align are friendly and always upbeat.

-Leeann C

Dr. J and the whole team there is AWESOME and caring!!!! Anyone that's looking for great care and positive results needs to go to Align!!!

-Thomas S


-Connie C

When I first started therapy with Dr. J and the girls at the Wellness Center I could barely move. I was suffering with Sciatica for more than a year. Very bad pains that sometimes shot up my back or down my leg or both. This had gone on for a long time and I was worried that I would be in that condition for life.

After several acupuncture treatments and great deep tissue massages the sciatica began to go away. It seemed to get a little better each week. Then Dr. J. encouraged me to start jogging which I thought was crazy. I did not want the pain to return. She persisted however and I tried jogging slowly around the block. It didn't hurt so I began increasing the distance and the pace. Now two years later I am running regularly. Up to 10k plus, at a 9 minute per mile pace and I feel totally wonderful. I have actually participated in triathlons and lots of fun runs and loving life again.

Thank you Dr. J.

and staff (especially Megan and Rose)

-Steve D

I have been receiving Chiropractic, Acupuncture and massage treatment for over 7 months. I have been treated with the upmost respect, compassion and care. Dr. Johnson is helpful, gentle, professional and amazing. I definitely have received great care from her and other staff members and showing much improvement in my back.

The only down-side is that there is a great deal of staff turn-over. All the gals whom I have had contact with have always acted in a very professional manner, and were always very nice to me...so it is sad when I see that about 9 staff members have left in the last 7 months. But besides from that, I have been very pleased with my treatment.

-Debbie Greenfield

I saw Dr. Wallace for 5 times. He listened to me and explained everything to me. I came in with an herniated disc. I am walking so much better after every visit. Thank, Align

-Brita Stern

I suffer from debilitating migraines and it always blows my mind that I can suffer from a migraine for four days, go to the e.r. get and take all kinds of medication, but the only thing that takes away my migraine is the treatment I get at Align. They ate miracle workers!

-Tamera H

I had never been to a Chiropractor before and I was a little nervous. The staff at Align made me feel extremly comfortable and made me feel amazing!! I will be going back for sure!

-Brenda P

When I first walked in the door at Align I could barely walk. I unfortunately like most sit all day at a computer for work and don't exercise as much due to the stress and many hours of overtime. My back finally said enough and shifted out of place- the wonderful people at Align took their time with me and really listened to me- I am not by any means perfect but I am able to walk without pain now- and can enjoy life again.

-Angelina M

Love the friendly atmosphere, great care and problem solving. Dr.Johnson is very knowledgeable as well as friendly and caring.


I have been receiving treatment from the staff of Align for over three months, now. The staff members are warm, friendly, professional, knowledgable, helpful, caring and considerate.

I get a little discouraged when I have relapses, but Dr. Johnson reassures me that I am improving...which is encouraging.

Dr. Johnson is terrific...warm, gentle, caring and compassionate. I also love Aubrey and Meghan who have been absolutely wonderful while treating me.

The training that Dr. Johnson's staff receives, is awesome.

I also have had the pleasure of Dr. Wallace working with me a few times, and he seems to be very good, too.

This is a long process..so I am hoping to be able to come to Align for maintenance only, very soon.

-Deborah G

Everyone was friendly! Very thorough!

-Katie L

We felt like we were in a spa, with personal service, relaxing music and with professional friendly care. I was scared for my first proceedure but they expained everything as we went along and answered all my questions...

-Michaela S

Great place to be poked and cracked.


I have been a patient for about 18 months. I have a chronic shoulder problem that results in upper back and neck distress. I really appreciated the approach Align took to helping me work my way back to a level of wellness I could tolerate day-to-day. It wasn't easy.

The best thing I can say about Align is that they listen to my complaints, follow up on them the next visit, and directly address them. As I got better, they, not me, suggested a revised schedule of appts that made them less money but made more sense considering my improvement. That means you can trust the people at Align to keep your helath, not your money, as their priority. That's high praise I think

-Mark C

I have been going to Align for about 2 months now, and the service, professionalism, kindness, experience, expertise, have been superior.

I am still experiencing some discomfort with my back, but I am hoping in time...it will be resolved. Dr. Lauren Johnson, Meghan and Aubrey have been the ones attending to me, and I can't say enough about how terrific they are.

Front desk Tavy, and all the other staff members have been warm and receptive and helpful. I will continue at Align, until my problem is resolved. Thank you, all!

-Deborah G

What your providers brought me from and to present has no words. I walked in there in pain for 20 yrs of pain and now feel better than ever.. Just a Awsome job to all of you...

-Dan H

I have been to other Dr appointments and hjave to wait an hour & 45 minutes be for I got to see the Dr. The Folks at Align have always gotten me in on the scheduled time.

-Douglas C

Very accommodating, friendly employees and professional, facility was clean and neat.

-Joey J

The best... I've always been able to get in urgently if needed. The care is amazing & excellent. Your in good hands here. They not only work on acute issues they work on long term wellness with your body & mind.

-Ursula W

These guys r super nice and amazing to work with. I have been with Dr J for three years now and I love her. She listens and does everything she can to help me feel better. She even gives me homework even though I never do it! Great staff great dr!!

-Jennifer B

I used to have migraines every week for a long time. After seeing Dr.Johnson and doing her acupuncture treatments for almost two years, I am very happy to say that the frequency of my migraines have reduced to almost once a month. I have also reduced my intake of painkillers and have been able to lead a more normal life!! I would recommend any one with migraines to give her treatment a try!!


Again an excellent appointment with fantastic outcomes. Always treated like I am the most important person of the day with great attitude, customer service, and expertise!

-Dale S

The staff at Align does a great job at making their patients feel comfortable and at ease. It can be a little nerve-racking to have you're kneck cracked or back adjusted... it isn't at Align. My back and health will continue to be taken to Align!


I was a little nervous as I drove to my first visit at the clinic, but the ladies behind the desk made me feel very comfortable. The whole time I was there, I felt relaxed and came away smiling. Can't wait to go back again!

They are very gentle and knowledgeable.

-April P

I've been going to Align now for over 3 years and am always welcomed! The staff is like family! I look forward to going to my appointments. If anyone needs a GREAT place to go for Chiropractic/Acupuncture/Massage then give Align a call!!!

-Thomas S

I was very, very pleased with my treatment by Dr. Johnson and her staff. They were friendly, professional, warm, understanding...and very accommodating. I did experience some pain, after my first treatment, but I was told I would. I iced the area, and felt better. I do have a burn on my back, but maybe that is expected. I will find out more at my next visit. I was also impressed with the entire atmosphere...it was calming, clean, warm and friendly.

-Deborah G

I highly recommend Align to anyone who needs chiropractic or massage. The staff are sincerely pleasant and fun, Dr. Johnson is gifted at chiropractic and the massages are perfect. The space is tranquil and relaxing and very clean - they have the best bathroom - the little things that do matter. Align also has a great billing department and great payment options. Two thumbs up!

-Stacey K

I had an acupuncture with Dr. Johnson and Sara. You ladies are very lovely and fun to come visit! Thank-you for sharing your beautiful sprits!

I feel nurtured and welcomed in your office. I bless you with many successes!


I have been experiencing low back pain due to nerve issue that was starting to travel down my right leg. It has come and gone throughout most my life but nonone could tell me what to do for it besides do more core work. Dr. Johnson actually took the time to listen and explain what I could do, besides a ton of situps. They taught me stretches I have never heard of and gave some ideas on how to change my life habits... how to sit in the car and work at a computer that, now a week later, have really helped. I truly appreciate the help you guys have given me... a refreshing change from the 5 min crack and run I have had in the past with chiropractors.

-Eric C

Overall therapy quite effective. The use of Electro-therapy was a first for me and seemed to work well in loosening up the worse of the muscles. Hopefully the next Therapy session will result in the best results.

-Dan R

I feel welcomed each appointment. The treatment varies according to my issues rather than being standardized. Dr Johnson is very professional, yet takes time to show a personal interest in you as a person. Each assistant is friendly as well. Just look out for those killer massages!


I was very pleased with my visit to Align Wellness Center. Dr. Johnson explained everything in understandable terms and the staff made me feel very comfortable.

I had some relief from my pain and look forward to my next visit and anticipate that I will have further relief.

-Mark T

After having tried many different avenues of western medicine, I thought I would heed the advice of friends and try Acupuncture. Right from making the appointment I felt that this was the right coarse. Dr. Johnson and her staff are the best I have come across in their handling of my medical questions and making me feel at ease from the start. Can't wait until next visit.

-Robert D

Absolutely the the best doctor and team.


I went in to Align to see Dr Johnson with no appointment as I was in intense pain and wanted to know what I had to do as a next step. They squeezed me in and listened to my tale of woe and then proceeded to treat me and ice me. Sarah worked wonders with her magic fingers to massage me and Dr Johnson adjusted me. The next day I felt so much better due to them. I am so grateful to all of then at Align.

-Greg H

There the best place get help for back this place to go

-Richard M

They are all super nice, friendly and do an amazing job. Its like going to see friends instead of a chiropractor. Feels like a happy family enviorment.


-Woody T

I have had several treatments at Align. The exams and assessments are all very thorough. The staff are really friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Johnson provides great chiropractic care...I have experienced relief of my symptoms and achieved improved range of motion. I highly recommend Align!

-Shannon S

It has been my pleasure to be going to Align for well over a year.

From the moment you enter, the whole staff makes one fell that you are the most important person in the world. Their seemless electronic medical record keeps all practitioners up to date on your health and the goals of your personal health care.

-Dale S

I was treated for lower back pain and tightness at Align. As always, I received excellent care. Dr. Johnson is so knowledgeable about the body, and always explains things in easy to understand terms. She also gives me stretching and strengthening excercises to do at home. I always feel better when I leave align.

-Kristi K

I am very impressed with the level of care and approach to healing. Staff is wonderful and Dr. Johnson is the best chiropractor I have ever visited. She has soft manipulations and I always feel great after I leave.


I have had chiropractic work done a few years ago with mixed results. I was a bit shocked by my experience with Dr. Johnson in that she and her staff actually took time to get to know me and my problem rather than just push me though an adjustment and out the door. Everyone was very friendly and professional, took time to teach me some stretches exercises to help with my low back pain.

A definite recommend =)

-Eric C

The care you will get at Align is far beyond any you will get anywhere else! From the smiles of the front desk staff to the care of Dr. Johnson, you will leave feeling better than when you arrived! I look forward to my maintainence appointment. Align has taken care of me when I was in 2 car accidents.

-Thomas W Snyder

Align Wellness Center is a first class care center. From the front office, all the way to Dr Johnson. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable, they provide excellant care everytime. I look forward to every appointment. The chiropractic care and accupuncture have helped my back condition tremendously.

-Brian G

This place is awesome. The staff is above and beyond friendly/helpful. If you are in need of chiropractic, massage or accupuncture then this is the place for you. If you're hurting, give the great people at Align a shot. You will not be disappointed.

-David W

Kind, gentle, informative, friendly staff that put the patients concerns issues first.


I recommend my chiropractor and her staff at every opportunity. They are not only professional, but also very friendly and caring.


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